who am I?

I am an experienced magician based in Essex offering a range of magic from close-up to stage shows. I prefer to perform comedy-based magic, but can be serious if preferred. Shows will be created to be suitable for different ages. 

I am a member of the Magic Circle and I have been performing magic since about 1995 and have developed a wide repertoire. I am also member of the Mid Essex Magical Society - who can provide a bigger show with a number of magicians providing close-up and stage performances if you are looking for something for a charity fundraising event. (Visit www.midessexmagicalsociety.co.uk for more information.)

If you are looking for good magic and good fun that is in good taste with good humour which all adds up to give your guests a great time, please do get in touch. Have a look at the Testimonials page for what others have said about my shows.

As a Christian I sometimes get asked about how performing magic is compatible with my faith. I have written an answer to that on my blog which you can read here (nukelear.me.uk/2016/09/28/christian-magic/) if you are interested.